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These items are needed for our animals in foster care and to support the Pet Food Pantry.




Dog Crates
Cat Carriers
LItter Boxes


Sharpies (permanent markers to mark dates on food cans)


We will accept any kind of unopened pet food that is not more than 1 month past expiration. If it is not something that we will feed the animals in our care, we will distribute it via the local Pet Food Pantry to pet owners in need. Please do not donate rawhide chews or squeaky toys for the dogs, we prefer Rope Toys or Puzzle Balls.


Medium and Large COTTON rope toys
Plush (Chewman) toys
Fleece throws - for the cages, pillow case size or a little larger
Pupperoni Dog Treats
Milkbone "Doggie Bag" Dog Treats
Any type hard crunchy "training" treats
Food for our dogs: Pedigree CANNED dog food
Food for the Pet Food Pantry: Any dog food, including opened bags


Cat Litter (unscented clay type, not clumping)
Cat Dancers
Catnip Toys
Furry Mice
Wand toys - with feathers preferred
Stretch and Scratch Scratching pads - small to fit cages
Foam rubber or pingpong balls
Food for our cats: Any GROUND (Paté style) canned food EXCEPT fish flavored
Food for our cats: Chicken or Turkey Baby food  (all-meat versions, no vegetables or gravies)
Food for the Pet Food Pantry: Any cat food, including opened bags

To donate items on the wishlist, please call our voicemail at 847-705-2653 and we will make arrangements to get the donations from you.

Thank you for supporting C.A.R.E.™

Download our printable Wishlist.