(C.A.R.E. Name: Carmen)


Recently my husband and I had to put down our beautiful girl, Connie (CARE Name: Carmen/black German Shepherd). She suffered from a disease commonly found with German Shepherds called Degenerative Myelopathy, which closely matches the human form of multiple sclerosis. Over the course of six months, Connie's back legs became paralyzed. Connie overcame obstacle after obstacle--never giving up her fight.

We tried a number of medications and exercises, which we do believe prolonged her quality of life, but unfortunately, researchers are not quite to the point where they are able to halt the progression of the disease. But Connie, my husband, and I sure did try to be the success story!

When I got Connie from CARE in July of 2003, I knew that I was ready for some changes in my life, and I thought that the responsibility of a dog would help put me on the right track. After just a few of days of sniffing each other out, Connie and I became attached at the hip. A couple of weeks after getting Connie, out of the blue, my now husband came into our lives. Over the next few months we became a little "family."

It is nearly impossible to believe that we had Connie in our lives for only two and a half years. She had such a presence and personality that grabbed everyone's attention. Everyone she met was quick to say that she was the best dog they ever met, and upon her passing, the mourning experienced throughout our extended families was unbelievable.

Caring for Connie in the last few months of her life was very trying both emotionally and physically. But given, the alternative, I would not trade one moment of it. I am so thankful that we were there to give her the quality of life she deserved. It will forever be impossible for me to believe that someone abandoned this absolutely perfect dog. I am so happy Connie passed by all of the other people she met while at CARE.

We were a perfect fit! Thank you for matching us up!

Molly & Kent