(C.A.R.E. Name: Moshi Moshi)


Ellen and Max
I first saw Max-  Moshi Moshi as he was called then -  on Thanksgiving Day 1996. He was brand new to the shelter and appeared to be emotionally shut down. I was told he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t play, was impossible to handle, and had clearly been abused. He lay in his litter box looking like a turtle trying to completely disappear into his shell. I fell in love with him! Once I was able to determine that he was scared, not mean, I adopted him in early 1997.

Max was a lot of work, but patience is my strength. He became a wonderful and affectionate companion and I believe he saw me as his rescuer and protector. To the day he died, he was a work in progress. Something that might have scared him one day, might not scare him the next day. That’s why I told visitors “He gets braver every day.”

Max became very sick in his last 18 months. This was a manageable disease that required daily medication, but Max always hated being restrained, pilled, or put in his carrier, I relied on the services of a visiting vet who gave him an injection that kept him going for weeks at a time. We went on like this for over a year, but eventually, the injections failed and Max let me know in no uncertain terms when he had had enough.

On February 4th 2009, my sweet Maxie-boy died peacefully at home, in my arms, swaddled in a bath towel. He struggled a little bit when I first picked him up (some things never change), but the first injection took the fight out of him. I held him and comforted him for a few minutes until he was totally limp and deeply asleep. A second injection stopped his heart. All the while, soft classical music played in the background.

After the vet left, my friend Susan and I wrapped him in a new, fluffy white bath towel and before we pinned it closed, I placed a red rose on top of him. We took him to Bramer Animal Hospital in his carrier. They were expecting us so they took him right away. I told them that the towel was a gift to the animal hospital - a perfect bed for a cat or small dog -  and they brought the carrier back to me.

Max slept so much in his last weeks that I still think he’s asleep somewhere in the apartment. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but it comforts me, and I know he truly is asleep and at rest.