Just a brief note to let you know that our dear Hoagie finally succumbed and passed over the bridge on New Year's Eve.....he had a certain "style" about him that way.   Hoagie is the beagle that we adopted January 1995, and Dr. Roberts estimated his age at 6 years then.  His story is already posted on your website with a photo under "Happy Tails".   And so we had him nearly 13 years, so that tough guy was about 18 or 19 years old when he finally could make it no longer.

It is worth every penny to treat the heartworm dogs, please do not give up on them.   Hoagie was more expensive than you anticipated, needing 3 treatments.   But he lived 13 more years!!

In the end, he started getting sick last September, when he was losing energy and falling down, and the vet determined that he had a lung infection and advanced lung disease, as well as showing finally a bit of an enlarged heart.  The vet said that having lung problems is worse than heart problems in a dog because the heart is more treatable.   Nevertheless, he gave him some antibiotic for the infection, and put him on a pill that was a bronchial dialator that he said he would need to be on for the rest of his life, however long that would be.   He responded well, and perked right back up again.....as perky a 19 year old dog as you can imagine him being at that age.  Apparently, he just hadn't been getting any oxygen to his cells.  But on New Year's Eve day he began to get very sick and weak again, acting strangely and throwing up.  His regular vet was closing for the holiday in 20 minutes, so back he went to the same emergency (after hours) place next door to his vet where he was last treated for the spleenic tumor that nearly did him in back in September of 1999.

We allowed them to treat him, they gave him some kind of IV's, but this time he did not respond to the treatment and his heart was not holding up.  We never gave up on that dog, until he decided that he could fight no more and we thought he had suffered enough.   We let them put him down on December 31st, 2007.

Adopted January 1995, asleep, December 31st 2007 -- just a month shy of 13 years with us.

Nothing else to say except that he was a good sweet  dog.