(C.A.R.E. Name: Buddy)


My husband and I adopted "Buddy," from C.A.R.E back in May, 2005. I had been a volunteer at the shelter for nearly 5 years before moving into the city. C.A.R.E was the only shelter I even considered when looking for our new dog. We could not have chosen a more loyal, loving and relaxed dog. (Or did he chose us!?) When we brought Franklin, as he was now called, home he was nearly 15lbs under weight, with all ribs and spine visible.  It was obvious he had been abused and neglected. How someone could do that to this beautiful creature was beyond us. He was quite healthy until June 2007, during which time he began having grand mal seizures.  He was placed on several different medications in an attempt to control his epilepsy.  Gradually, over time he developed a resistance to these medications and would relapse into cluster seizures. Over the past year, he spent many nights in the ER  hospital, with his people worried to death about him.


His seizures were becoming more difficult to control over the past 4 months, clustering every 3-4 weeks. Thus, new medication adjustments were made. Our sweet boy began to age right before our eyes, with his muzzle growing grayer by the day. But his gentle nature and unconditional love never wavered. During the weekend of September 28th, Franklin went into epileptic status, which is a grand mal seizure that does not stop. He seized for nearly 2 hours, during which time he was treated by 1 ER vet, then transferred to his Neurologist ER hospital. They were finally able to stop the seizures, with sedation. Unfortunately, Franklin developed pneumonia and passed on Wednesday, 10/1/08. The loss we feel is so deep and profoundly sad. Words simply cannot express our love for this wonderful dog. Although, we called him our own for only three short years, the time we had together was priceless.

FranklinSo, here is to our sweet Franklin,  who:  went for long walks by the lake, enjoyed many car rides to visit family and friends, loved lazy winter days on the couch and summer sun on the patio, probably hated his red sweater and boots when it snowed (but was he cute!), and endured many kisses and hugs.
He was the best thing that ever came into our lives. Thank you for giving us the wonderful opportunity to call him ours.