(C.A.R.E. Name: Gulliver)


In July of 2004, my husband & I adopted Ezra (Care name: Gulliver) from Polly. At the time, he was moridly obese, roughly 7 years old and missing all but 4 of his teeth. But the minute she placed him in my arms we knew we were a family.

We knew little about his history other than we were his (at least) third family. How anyone can give up this cat remains a mystery.

He was by far the most friendly, laid back & emotionally healthy animal we have ever encountered. He wanted nothing more than to be friends with whomever or whatever he encountered. He would fearlessly approach our guests and offer his belly for a rub. He was brilliant with other cats & aggressive babies. My husband-who was so allergic to cats that he would tear up whenever he went to my Mother's home-was miraculously not allergic to Ezra. We absolutely struck gold.

With rescuing an adult animal, there is always a risk of getting a sick one. After a number of trips to the vet, we learned that Ezra had an enlarged heart & liver, heart murmer and diabetes. The vet estimated that he was not seven but at least 10 years old. His health quickly declined. It was our intention of keeping him comfortable and happy until it was time for him to go.

On 2/22/06, we had Ezra euthanized. We miss him terribly. Our feeling of loss is amplified by the frustration of only having a year and half with him. But I am convinced that he was loved & spoiled more in his time with us than ever before and that puts us at ease.

We are so grateful that we got to be Ezra's parents.

Thank you,
Ryan & Amy