Sisky (pronounced "Shishky")

(C.A.R.E. Name: Big Guy)


Rather than trying to summarize Sisky's wonderful life in a story, I am attaching the poem that I wrote for him after he passed away on October 23, 2006. Thank you C.A.R.E. and Polly for bringing us together so many years ago. Words cannot explain how much he meant to me...


When we first met so long ago, who knew what we had found;
Now twelve years later on this day, the loss is so profound.

You touched my soul, you warmed my heart, you filled my life with joy;
Fish and birds and milk and stuff and all your Sisky toys.

We talked, we played, we understood how lucky we’d become;
To find each other on that day, was clearly God’s work done.

You came to me when I was alone, became my very best friend;
I hoped it was forever but we knew our time would end.

God sent you to me for awhile, but said he’d need you home;
You stayed as long as possible, and now it’s time to go.

Part of me is missing, it’s a great big giant piece;
The part of me that let go of my precious Baby Sheesh.

My life will never be the same, my heart is filled with love;
I know you’re watching over me, and purring from above.

I love you dearly Baby Sheesh, now and ever still;
I feel your soul around me now and know I always will.

The house it feels so empty, I just don’t know what to do;
I think about you all the time, I love my Baby Boo…

Thank you,