(C.A.R.E. Name: Grover)


I moved to Evanston not knowing anyone, and immediately went in search of a cat.  I happened to go into the CARE on a September night.  I am glad that I did, because that night changed my life.  I gave my specifications for a cat and immediately they paired me with Grover.  He had been in a foster home and I was off to meet Grover.  We had an immediate connection.  I fell in love with a four legged creature.  I brought him home, it was a long few days as he got use to my apartment and my daily routine.  Eventually, as most cat owners come to realize, I was living him him and not vice versa.  He was a vibrant, intelligent cat who loved sitting in the bathtub and drinking water from the faucet as well as sitting in the window watching cars drive by.  He was twenty pounds of cuddly, warm, happiness and love.  If I'd had a bad day at work, I knew that once I put the key in the lock, he'd be there to greet me with a meow and a purr.  He was my watch kitty, he'd sit near me while I was doing dishes or sitting on the couch.  He'd make sure I'd know he was there by meowing.  I had some of the best conversations with him, I'd talk and he'd listen and give the best advice, meowing.  He'd cuddle with me on cold winter days and lay on the tile bathroom floor on warm days.  He was a clever kitty.
His illness came suddenly, I began noticing changes in his behavior and rapid weight loss.  He was diagnosed with chronic renal failure early in October.  His weight kept dropping and he wasn't the same vibrant, happy kitty.  He was getting worse, eventually I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make, I had to do what was right for Grover.  On October 27th, I laid Grover to rest.  I held him and told him how lucky I was to have a great cat and how he'll always be with me.  He was my best friend and my confidant.  He knew the most about me and no matter what I did, he loved me.  He was part of my family, my mother always affectionately referred to Grover as her "grandkitty" and would travel to Iowa for holidays.  Everyone loved Grover and he loved everyone.
On his six years on this earth, I had him for two.  I like to think that in his last two years he was loved more than in his first four.  He meant the world to me.  I'm sure that I will ever get over his passing, but I know that he's with me.
I have tried to convey what Grover meant to me, but there are no words to describe the devotion and love I felt for him.
Thank you, CARE for a paring me great cat.  I couldn't have asked for a better pet.