(C.A.R.E. Name: Honda)


I wanted to send everyone a note to let you know that Mully passed away on September 23, 2005. We had only had him for 10 months, but he was the best thing to ever happen to my husband and I. His spirit and intelligence were truly remarkable. Our hearts are aching since his passing but we find comfort in knowing that he passed quickly and without pain.

Mully had been through a series of training programs but still struggled with his anxiety around new people. We took him to the see an animal behaviorist that worked with us on a series of exercises and processes to help him overcome that anxiety. We also had opted to try a medicinal treatment program. On Friday, September 23rd, during their (my husband and Mully) daily commute home from the office, Mulligan’s heart stopped. We rushed him to our vet’s office, but it was too late – he was gone. We decided not to perform an autopsy. His short life had already been filled with so much turmoil that we wanted his body to rest in peace.

We’re now trying to focus on all the fun we had with Mulligan. He was the bright spot at the end of every day. He was multilingual (having learned words in many languages). He loved to swim and chase ducks at our lake house. He snored louder than my husband. He loved it when people would touch his big face and rub his belly. He always made me smile. He’ll always make me smile… I never thought I would grieve for an animal the way I am grieving for Mulligan. He was the best boy in the world and we’ll never ever forget him. His spirit will forever be apart of our lives!

Rest in peace our little bully baby – we’ll see you again someday!