(C.A.R.E. name: Angie)


We adopted our Zena (Angie was your name for her), a Black Lab mix from the Evanston pound on July 6th  2004. She was on channel 9, a regular movie star .   A wonderful dog,  Quite friendly, but would defend "Her " backyard like crazy...  Great watchdog, obedient, smart,and so good looking and a good kisser. She  would wait for me to get home from work, to run after her ball at the park, that was her job, to chase that ball and bring it back to me....we attended the Paws  dog wash, to show her off.   On to October, scratching her belly, I noticed some bumps, brought her to the vet, vet said, mammary cancer, Xrays showed a large tumor in her lung. Not good, we kept her happy with regular vet visits, meds etc.  until tumors attacked her paw, metastasized from the main tumor. Thank you for a great dog.
R.I.P. ZENA 12-20-04  You will be missed!!!!!    Mike P.