We're writing to provide an update on Lucas, an adult adoption of a liver-and-white Springer that we made from the Evanston Shelter on July 16, 2002.


Lucas probably was an outdoor dog until he came to the Evanston Shelter. He didn't know too much about being a pet or a house dog when we adopted him, but he tried very hard to learn everything about his new role.

Lucas quickly won the heart of everyone in our extended family. He is attentive, gentle, and loves to be with people. He also loves his food, maybe too much - but he had started to watch his weight and  is now only a little too heavy. As an older dog, he has a few health problems and has needed a few surgieries, but mostly he is happy and healthy!

About a year after Lucas joined our pack, we relocated to San Diego CA. The change to a warmer climate has made it easier on his joints than the Chicago cold. Best of all, in San Diego Lucas can go to the park everyday, and swim whenever he wants.Lucas

The other members of Lucas'  pack include two humans and an adopted Spaniel-Collie mix named Sojourner. While Sojourner is an alpha-wannabe, Lucas is content to be an ever-faithful beta.  He is about nine or ten years old now, with his brown eyes turning blue and his hearing not quite as good as it once was; nonetheless he is a happy, active boy who loves nothing better than a good long swim.

Thank you, Evanston Shelter and Springer Rescue for giving this wonderful dog the chance for a full and active life, and for giving the Demuth pack a faithful friend!

Ron and Sylvia DeMuth