(C.A.R.E. Name: Hannah)


I am writing to share the story of a girl (terrier- mix dog) who chose her owner.  In December of 2002 I filled out some paperwork to become a foster parent for C.A.R.E. I very quickly recieved a phone call saying there were two little pups that would need a home after Christmas for about 8-10 weeks.  The day came for me to pick up the pups who I had named Hannah and Luna.  We went home and they, like 8 week old puppies, began to play and pee all over the house!

As the first week progressed I realised that something was not quite right with the less dominate of the two pups, Hannah.  She had real squinty eyes and developed a rash on her belly.  Well, C.A.R.E. and McCormick Animal hospital did everything to find out what this rash was, treament after treatment found no cure.  Hannah's face, ears, tail and body was becoming thick with scabs.  She was hard to look at and people everywhere were afraid of what they might "catch" from her.

It came time for Hannah and Luna to be spayed and put up for adoption.  I cried as I drove them to the vet as I had grown attached, especially to Hannah who loved to cuddle and was so sickly with a face only a mother could love!  When I arrived at the vet I was told Hannah must be weaned off of the meds she was on before her surgery...this would take a month.  I knew when she came back home with me that day there was NO turning back.

She continued to be a well behaved pup that had endless love for me.  She cuddled when I needed it, was house trained by 4 months old and had the run of the house and didn't ruin a thing.  She even weaseled her way into my bed.  As the month passed and her meds wore off Hannah became sicker and sicker.  We landed at the "Dog Dermatologist" in Buffalo Grove as a last resort.  It was there that the answers were finally given.  Hannah has "DM," a disease that is common in shelties, which Hannah is not.

After a little trial and error and new meds 2-3x a day for the rest of her life, Hannah's condition is now under control.  She still has a face only a mother could love as the scabbing caused scaring where hair will never grow back.  Hannah came from C.A.R.E. and chose me as her owner.  C.A.R.E. helped me to be able to keep Hannah by helping with the medical bills since she was a foster pup at the time.  We now live a happy life together going to the dog park, driving in the car with her head out the window (we get many comments!) and riding on the boat, with her sunscreen on the bald spots of course.  CARE is great and Hannah and I have a love that I never knew I could have for a little ugly 40 pound dog who I now call my child!

We both thank CARE for helping us find each other!