Clay and Sugar


We adopted Clay 2 years ago.  We got him when Clay Aiken was in the finals of American Idol and since we thought he should win, we decided on that name... of course the red hair had nothing to do with it. Clay is now getting use to his new sister and they love chasing each other. He thinks he is a dog.  His favorite place to lay is within the catnip. Here is a photo of Clay enjoying the catnip in the back yard.

Sugar was adopted last week and is getting used to the cat and her new home. She gives us big french kisses and loves to fetch.  She immediately filled the void when we had to put our lovely "Lassie" down.  Lassie had a tumor on her heart that bled into her heart sack. She went so quickly.  The same day we went to McCormick Animal hospital to drop off some treats as a thank you and Dr. Crabbe told us about Sugar and we went straight to the Shelter for a visit.  The following day we went back and began the process.  Here is a picture of Sugar on her first day home with us.  As you can see she made herself at home and looks very happy.

Luis and Roy