Ruffy and Cici

(C.A.R.E. Names: Ruffian and Secretariat)


I write to give an update on our wonderful cats that we adopted from CARE in July of 2011.  Their shelter names were Ruffian and Secretariat, but we call them "Ruffy" and "Cici."  I'm sending a picture of the sisters in the bathtub (Cici is on the left). I grew up with cats and have never had cats who enjoyed the bath as much as these two! They are always getting in on their own accord, especially when it's all wet after a shower.

They also love relaxing on our radiator covers.  They have a special bond with each other and with us.  Cici also loves to play fetch and carries around her play mouse everywhere.  We are so thankful for having these cats in our life.  They make us smile everyday!  Thank you for all that you do!