(C.A.R.E. Name: Ralph)


We adopted Super-Dog from C.A.R.E.

It's true.  Super-Dog. 

We have never had a shelter dog before.  We have had power breeds and challenging, yet incredible dogs, before.  After our last, beautiful, Rhodesian Ridgeback passed away way too young, and taking some time off for grieving, we decided to adopt a shelter dog.  As soon as Brigh, formerly known as Ralph, saw us he chose us; he looked at us and said, “We are family.”  He didn't sing it like Sly, but he looked gently into our eyes, held his gaze and we knew what he meant. 


Why Super-Dog?  What dog can spend the first year of his life on the street, the second year in a shelter, never have a home and family, then move in to our home and behave like an angel?  Super-Dog can.  What dog can live his life without the rules of a home, nice furniture, newly refinished floors and plenty of things to chew, and then treat his new space with love and respect like a well trained disciple of Cesar Milan?  Super-Dog can.  No barking, shredding, chewing, marking or destroying. He moved in, decided this was his home, and treated it like he belonged.

Brigh the Super-Dog is an all black mix of Pitbull and Labrador with gentle eyes, a guarded heart and yet a loving disposition.  He gave us his heart and love from the beginning, so we took him in to our own hearts.  His inky black coat and Pitbull eyes and ears probably kept him from being adopted for a long time, but to us he is a beautiful boy who represents his Celtic name, “Brigh”, by carrying himself everyday with the strength and nobility that the name means.


What else does Super-Dog do?  He treats little kids gently, restraining his powerful super-powers.  He goes for long runs with me, and constantly looks back with a big Pit smile that says, “this is awesome!” He dives into the lake and strokes those webbed Lab toes with the power of an Olympian, and smiles again.  He treats other dogs on the street like long lost friends.  He has taken trips to Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, and stayed in family homes, as well as B&B's and hotels, and treated everyplace with love and grace, and no barking.  What a dog!

He certainly is super to us.  His beginnings might have been incredibly challenging, but it doesn't show now.  There were several other super dogs at C.A.R.E.  in Evanston, but Brigh chose us.  If you need a Super-Dog to complete your family go take a look and he or she will pick you.