(C.A.R.E. Name: Lucy)


I'm writing to give an update on Locy, formerly known as Lucy, a pit mix that I adopted on May 23rd, 2011.  I had visited Locy in the shelter twice, even though I knew after our first meeting that she was the girl for me.  Everyone at the shelter warned me that she was very shy and "not at all a people person," but as soon as she came hope with me she really opened up.  Locy comes to work with me at least a few times a week and loves to curl up and take naps underneath my desk on an old sleeping bag. 

With weekly doggie playdates, meals cooked from scratch, and a futon to call all her own, no doubt her current life is a real step up compared to life on the streets of Evanston.  As a geologist, I go out of town fairly frequently and Locy is always in tow for these exciting adventures.  Recently we took 2 road trips out west and Locy and I climbed Mt Grays, one of the 14,000+ft peaks in Colorado.  The companionship and loyalty that she has added to my life is both indescribable and unquantifiable - she is just simply fantastic!  I can't thank the folks at C.A.R.E. enough for the wonderful work that they do, keep it up!

I've attached some pictures of our recent adventures in Colorado.