Daisley and Moze

(C.A.R.E. Names: Callie and Little Panther)


In April of 2008 we adopted the tortie in this picture, Daisley (you had named her Callie).  And this past summer, we adopted Moze (then known as Little Panther).
As you can see, they are very happy with each other.  Daisley has become a very good big sister - teaching Moze everything he needs to know - included how to play in the bathtub, how to wrestle, when to leave their older sister alone.  And Moze has learned most every lesson exceedingly well - the only thing he hasn't learned is how not to steal Daisley's food.  :-)

Thank you CARE for taking care of our kitties until we could find them.

Paul and Rebekah