Eastwood and Isabella

(C.A.R.E. Names: Haley and Oscar)



This year, my two new cats, Woody and Bella (brother and sister twins), begged to put together a holiday greeting for you (download).  So what the hey; since I've willingly relinquished control of my household to them, why not let them tell you about their first few days in their new dwelling?

A couple of things they asked me to tell you:

1. POOTAC stands for "Proud Owner Of Two Adorable Cats."  While I do agree with the "Adorable" descriptive, I'm not sure "Owner" well describes my function—it's more like "Personal Assistant."   But they liked the sound of the acronym; I am powerless to do anything about it.

2. For reasons of economy of size, Bella and Woody decided not to present their story in the traditional format.  You will experience the wisdom of their decision when you open the card.  They do hope, however, that you will take a break from the holiday rush and sing through their song "the right way."

Have a happy…

P.S. Some have suggested that I have too much time on my hands.  I believe I don't have enough...