(C.A.R.E. Name: Twinkle)


Greetings to C.A.R.E!

Twinkle aka Precious is doing wonderful. She is our little girl, and is warming up wonderfully to both of us.


We adopted Precious on October 5, 2008 after waiting a week before we could adopt our little baby. I was missing her a lot during that week, and thankfully she was there waiting for us after that long week. She is eating well. I had her Ultra Mix cat food but she just didnt like it too much, so we changed her food to good life recipe and she is loving that a lot better.

Precious also loves to sit in my lap as we watch television, and loves to get her fur brushed. I do it on a daily basis, and she loves it so much when her mommy brushes her.

It took Precious a couple days to warm up to both of us, she would hide underneath our green chair by the window. I would always have to go there and call her to come out for her feeding!  As the days went by, I would just have to call her name and she would come running to me.

She is doing very well, and is very happy. Her first vet visit with us is in November. She is a joy and we love our little princess dearly!