Remy’s High-Tech Love Story

Remy receives his Dog Obedience Group Diploma!

Remy receives his Dog Obedience Group Diploma!

by Volunteer Janice Cha

An intercepted email, a YouTube video and a face-to-face meeting led long-time kennel favorite Remy to his forever home with Jeremy Garchow and Alyssa Scrofani.

Remy, a distinctive 60-lb. chocolate-brown pit mix who’d lived at the shelter for nearly a year, got his lucky break when Garchow noticed a note on his email list-serv group suggesting a mutual friend acquire a dog for safety. Another friend on the list—C.A.R.E. volunteer Nicole Vernet—shared links to C.A.R.E.’s video clips of available dogs, including Remy.

“We’d been talking about getting a dog in theory some day, but hadn’t decided on a breed,” recalls Garchow. “I have friends with pit-mixes, so had been looking at pit bulls all day on the internet– breeders, background, what it’s like to have one...”

When Garchow clicked on the C.A.R.E. Web link to Remy’s video, he was instantly hooked. “Remy was sitting in the visiting room looking around,” Garchow says. “His tail was going a million miles an hour. He was excited, but not overexcited—his face had an alert ‘what’s next?’ expression. He looked like he wanted to hang out and do well.”

Scrofani, who had envisioned adopting a smaller dog, was dubious at first. “I thought we could at least go and meet Remy. But when we got home that night [from visiting him at the shelter], I missed him,” she says. “Remy had the right personality for us and would be the perfect dog for Jeremy.”

The next day they returned to C.A.R.E. and brought Remy home. Remy’s life now is a considerable step up from his shelter days. He spends most of his daytime hours with Garchow, who works within walking distance of their Chicago home in a three-person office. In the evenings and on weekends Remy lounges on the sofa, goes on walks with the couple, and even on the occasional road trip. Remy is also continuing the Monday night obedience classes he attended so many times with C.A.R.E. volunteers. At night he sleeps on a soft dog bed next to his people.

The muscular dog with the unique ears has found his forever home.