(C.A.R.E. Name: Hurley)


I adopted Hurley in February of 2007. I saw him one day during the adoption segment of the afternoon WGN news. I told my dad I had to have him. He was just too cute not to love. I took the El up to Evanston and walked through the snow to meet him the following Monday. I was so nervous that he was already going to have been adopted because he was just so cute on tv. Luckily, he was still there. As soon as I saw him again, moseying around the visiting room, I knew he was the right cat for me.

We've had a great year. My whole family has fallen in love with him, and everyone that meets him thinks he's just the greatest. He's my buddy, keeping me company at home by meeting me at the door when I walk in and sleeping next to me in bed (although he does take up about half the bed!). Thanks for helping me find a great friend!

Attached is a recent photo of him my dad took while my parents were watching him for me. He definitely makes himself comfortable anywhere.