(C.A.R.E. Name: Speck)


Hi to all at CARE,

We saw this beautiful, goofy boy's picture on the CARE website in June 2007 - he was much smaller then - and came in to interview as prospective parents.

Everyone at CARE was kind and generous with their time and worked hard to make sure that we were a good fit for Speck. We didn't change his CARE name - we think its a good name for our big boy - 70lbs now - 7 months later. We could go on and on about how much fun we have with him and the joy he has brought us (except for the toilette paper fetish) but we already drive our friends nuts with "Tales of Speck".

He has a yard to romp in, more toys that he can keep track of, and goes to
daycare a few days a week - to run off some of that big-boy energy and play
with his doggy friends.

Speck is sweet and good-natured and gives us more love that we could hope

Many thanks for putting us together with Speck!

Kotlarski/Brown Family