(C.A.R.E. Name: Arthur)


In June of 1999 I came to the shelter to just look at the cats that were up for adoption. I was recently diagnosed with Ovarian cancer at the time and was not sure that adopting another pet after losing my other cat to cancer and dealing with chemotherapy myself was a very good idea.
I remember fondly finding this little  blonde colored tabby and finding out his name was Arthur. That name was also my father's name whom passed away. I knew in my heart he was the right match for me and I remember him sitting so patiently as I filled out the adoption papers. Upon bringing him home he walked into the house as if he had always lived here.
When I came home from chemotherapy treatments Arthur was always right there by the door waiting for me. I would take off my hat and lay on the couch feeling so sick from the chemotherapy and my dear sweet Arthur would jump up on the arm of the couch and ever so softly lick my bald head as if to say "it's going to be ok. " Then he would come under the blanket with me and take a nap in my arms.
In between treatments Arthur and I would go to a nursing home to visit and pass out little treat packages to the residents. Oh my what a hit he was . He would let me dress him up in a witch costume to entertain all the residents.
Arthur has truly been a gift from God and without him I know I could never have gotten through the last  8 years of doing chemotherapy. He has given me a reason to live . I think he took his role as a "caretaker" a little too serious as 2 1/2 years ago he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. I am happy to report that he is doing fine. The tumor was removed and he did not need any treatments.
Arthur and I just love coming to the Christmas faire together to have his photo taken with Santa. I am so grateful to the shelter for taking in such a wonderful cat like Arthur and giving us both a reason to live. And it amazes me that a lot of the volunteers still remember Arthur when we come for the Christmas Fare. They are truly angels. And thank you Polly for bringing us together .
Sharon & Arthur