(C.A.R.E. name: Cookie)


Bonjour from Paris, where Cookie (we renamed her Galen) is now  living.  We adopted her in October 1999 and we lived for 6 happy  years in Boystown/Lakeview, where she went on daily walks/jogs to the lake and played with her dog friends.  She was the sweetheart of  Roscoe Street and enjoyed oohs and aahs and daily treats from  neighbors and staff from local bars and businesses - quite a nice  life, I'd say.  This summer, we moved to Paris for work, and while  Galen still barks with an American accent, she is adjusting to  beautiful Paris quite well.  She enjoys long walks and goes over the  Seine river to the Rive Gauche via the Austerlitz Bridge.  And she  has learned to peer over the bridge and gaze at the flying buttresses  of Notre Dame in the distance (okay, so I am the one who looks at  Notre Dame but Galen does put her front paws on the stone railing and  peers over the bridge).  And she recently came down to the French  Riviera with us and spent two weeks in sunny, lovely Villefranche-sur- Mer, where her dad Steve was taking a French immersion course.  While Steve was in class, we worked up a daily sweat going up the hill and  enjoying a stunning view from an old fort.  The picture below shows a  bit of the scenery.  Galen even got to visit San Remo, Italy, with us  - people there kept stopping us to pet her and admire her.  She says  bonjour to everyone at Care and sends a big merci for taking care of  her and letting us adopt her.  She is a loving, smart, and beautiful  dog and we are lucky to have her.

Sapna and Steve