(CARE name: Chewie)


I adopted Sonny, a two-year-old chow golden retriever mix, from CARE on August 23, 2005. I hadn’t planned to take a dog home that night, but when I met Sonny, he immediately placed his front paws on my shoulders and began licking my face. When I brought him to my apartment, I was really overwhelmed, and though he slept with me in my bed the first night, I think both of us were pretty nervous.

Soon however, Sonny and I developed a rhythm. In general, he is a very easygoing and mellow boy. As a graduate student, I do a lot of work from home, and Sonny is content to lie under my desk and keep my feet warm while I write. Everyday we play with other dogs at the park, and he has transformed from indifferent towards other dogs to friendly and playful. Sonny especially likes girl dogs; he is very submissive to them, and will immediately rollover on his back when playing with his favorite girlfriends.

I also see why Sonny was named Chewie while at CARE: just give him a bone and he won’t stop until he’s devoured it, usually in one sitting! And speaking of sitting, one of the cutest things Sonny does is that he usually lies down like a frog, sticking his back legs out so that his big belly can rest on the cool floor.

I call Sonny my “Sonny Bunny,” because he is so cuddly and fluffy and happy. I love waking up with him every morning, and coming home to him at the end of a long day at school. Thank you CARE, and especially Sandy, for bringing me and Sonny together!