(C.A.R.E. name: Hoagie)


I'm writing to let you all know (any of you who would have been around 10+ years ago that is) that Hoagie the Beagle is alive and kicking.   We adopted him in late January or early February of 1995.  Dr. Roberts estimated his age then at 6, so we figure that he is at least 16 now.  He is still spry, but has cataracts, and a few lumpy bumpies - growths related to old age.

Hoagie (his CARE name, and name to this day) was found at the corner of Dempster and Dodge in January of 1995 with no collar.  He nearly had frostbite in his paws, tested positive for heartworm, and some cruel person had cut notches in both of his beautiful beagle ears.  Hoagie is a lovely beagle you may recall had to be treated by Dr. Roberts for heartworm 3 times before he came up clear.  He lives in Silver Spring , MD for the past 8 and 1/2 years, and is still a very happy mellow guy.  His current vet just loves him, and says that he shows no signs of having problems related to either the heartworm or the arsenic treatments at this time.  He only recently developed a slight heart murmur, he thinks just related to old age, but the cardiologist cleared him for anesthesia for his most recent teeth-cleaning and so he is all groomed and handsome as ever.

We thought we were going to lose him in September of 1999, when he got very sick, and we took him to emergency, and they detected a very large spleenic tumor.  That is when we found his current doctor, who removed it, and to his surprise it was benign.  He says he has done very well since then, it is his 6th anniversary of surviving that ordeal.  His only problems now are old-age related, the small sebaceous growths that the vet says is common in old beagles, and a little bit of urinary "leaking".  But he is such a good boy, or good old man I should say, and very well house trained, and does his best to always make it outside.  His favorite thing is to sleep on the futon, and beg for food like every beagle you ever knew.  His big bug eyes still make him a favorite, and his quiet and sweet disposition make him friends wherever he goes.   We had a few things to learn about beagles, since he's our first, but we have loved having this sweet spirit soul to nourish our lives.  Thanks to Dr. Roberts and all at McCormick for helping spare his life.   I think Bill Andrews (the Animal Warden) will remember him too, with his distinctive ear notches.

Mara and Brian