(C.A.R.E. name: Rocky)

Rocky _ I.jpg

It was on April 20, 2000 that I adopted Rocky.  I can still remember vividly how you all explained that this dog 'Rocky" that you were going to introduce me to was a little wary sometimes.  He was a shy guy because he had survived an abusive first home.  Then, as soon as he walked in the room, this guy darted straight at me, jumped up on my lap and licked  me in the face.  He was the first dog I saw and also the last.  I knew had to take him home.

Rocky is doing very well!  Since I adopted him I have been a Residence Director at Loyola University and now at DePaul.  He has LOVED living in the residence halls with me.  He has hundreds of students to play with daily and they shower him with affection.  I also think they sneak him treats when I'm not looking because he has started to put on a little weight!

But anyway, I just wanted to give you an update and sincerely thank you for what Rocky has added to my life.  Whenever I talk about him to others, people think I am speaking about my son.  He means that much to me.  You all are wonderful and I have recommended you to every person I come in contact with who wants to adopt an animal.  Keep up the great work!